Elf Pets® Virtual Reindeer App Reviews

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So sweet

My son loves that he can play with a virtual reindeer that looks like his real elf pet. Well always believe in Santa so his sleigh will fly high

Needs new badges

Dear app writers, Please remove the 2014 badge and replace it with one that can be earned now. I just downloaded your app and am disappointed that I cant earn all the badges. Thank you and by the way, this made the app lose 2 stars.

Elf on the shelf

This is a very fun game and good for education !

Small glitch??

I love this app its so cute. My daughter and play with the elf pet app every night before her bed time story we got the gold medal in resting but the additional gold medal thats supposed to come automatically isnt showing up. My daughter keeps trying but its not working

Fun App!

Really fun and entertaining app! Graphics are great. Fun to feed the reindeer and watch him grow. My kids also like the sorting and matching games. Good job Elf folks!!


This game is so cool and fun!

Great App

This is a great app for children to learn about the responsibility of taking care of others in a fun and creative way.

Love this app!

What a fun app. The adorable reindeer is irresistible to love. My favorite way to show him love is by washing him. Cant wait to adopt a reindeer so our elf Buttercup can have a new best friend.

Such a cute App

Love this App. It was fun taking care of my very own virtual Elf Pets Reindeer.

Fun game

My niece will love this! I am enjoying it myself.

Good stuff

My nieces loved this App! It bought their "Auntie" 45 minutes of rest and sparked a great discussion on reindeer, Santa, the North Pole and their elf "pancake." Good stuff!

Great interactive app!

Another great concept by the folks at Elf on the Shelf! This is a great app with cute graphics that allows you to "take care of" your very own pet reindeer. There are lots of ways to play and interact with your reindeer. And its a nice touch that everything you need for your reindeer is included and doesnt require in app purchases!

I love this äpppppppppp

This app is the best

Love this app!

What a cool app - easy to use and keeps littles ones engaged...literally pulling it from her hands!


Im 10 and Iove this app. When I got it my mom was playing so much she wouldnt let me play!


This app is amazing! I love that if you forgot your Elf pet you can play with the virtual one.But if you have your pet you can earn special badges!! I think this is an incredible app!

Cool, but needs excitement

I like this game, its sweet and all, but I think it needs an upgrade where u can actually DO something fun with ur reindeer. Am I right?


Waste of money. Same boring game. Repeats the same thing every time you open the app.

No sound

Not sure what happened but after recent software update, theres no sound. Ive checked my settings and still nothing. My daughter is disappointed and no longer wants to play.

Me And Sparkle

Ive just got my elf pets reindeer and the app just now ( January 3 2015 ) and I love her! I cant Wait to take Sparkle to my house after we go away from my grandpas! And then I could do the good home badge. And I got some suggestions for the app,can There be a bar for each thing telling u if your reindeer is sad, hungry, dirty, sleepy and if it wants to play? Also,can there be more games? Thank u for reeding my review. I highly recommend this app and the plush reindeer! :) PS For the people who dont have the plush yet, me and my mom got it at Target! Xoxoxo

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